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Puppet Punch is a casual Free-to-Play iOS/Android game
with a unique puppety art-style and some amazing powerups

Puppet Punch’s gameplay is original and pretty fun, but its principle selling point is its aesthetically diverse blend of cultural influences.

PocketGamer Video Game Review Website

Instantly addictive. Great hook, great visual style. Has that ‘just one more try’ feel. Ala Jetpack joyride. Enjoyed the Boss-Fights and Power-ups.

IndieCade Jury The International Festival Of Independent Games



Our Founders


Arpita Kapoor
Co-Founder/Chief Mocha

Mohit Rangaraju
Co-Founder/Chief Mech


Current Team

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Tips for localising your game in 10 languages

Me and my team at Mech Mocha are all set to release our first iOS title named “Puppet Punch” this week and are pretty excited…
Puppet Punch - Header

Puppet Punch will beat up Puppets Worldwide

Wuuhh! Countable hours left for the global launch of our first iOS title Puppet Punch. We’re quite nervous and why not? We’ve received loads of…

Puppet Punch Soft Launch, Exciting Times!

They say soft launch is not for Indie developers, but we didn’t quite think so. Data driven design can never go wrong and so we…

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