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Dev Diary: Part 3

Mech Mocha @Casual Connect, Europe'14

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A comprehensive list of metrics for free-to-play games

A decent number of downloads is a good head-start and a very good reason to throw a boat-party for your team. But, as a game developer or an investor in a gaming company you need to see through the analytics and understand a lot beyond downloads. Here’s a comprehensive list of metrics used by game businesses to gauge the success of their games, and should help you gauge yours. Player [...]


Introducing our kickass interns!

As indie game developers we are always drowned in some or the other work. At times it becomes so hectic that we don’t even get proper time to sleep. Midst this, we get a helping hand in the form of summer interns. This year, we had two such interns, enthusiastic students from some of the most prestigious colleges of India. GS Kannan, our design intern, from National Institute of Design, [...]


Simple keys to unlock the IAP puzzle for games

You can be an indie game developer, a developer at a gargantuan game-design studio, or an “monetization expert” (That’s a sexy title to have, ain’t it?), but no matter who you are, you’re concerned about the best way to monetize your game. A lot of people have developed theories and analyzed ‘strategies’ using graphs that freshly minted MBAs usually love to delve upon. While those are actually the basic requirements [...]